Swinging vs. Hitting: What’s The Difference?

Many parents tell us their hitter is an all-star in the cage with a great ‘swing’ who ends up struggling at game time. This is the difference between hitting and swinging. It is valuable for swing mechanics to be clean but parents should understand that ‘hitting’ is a skill.

Hitters needs to incorporate drills into their practice time to develop barrel control and the ability to adjust to pitches. As hitters build skill, they need to be intentional with their drill work. It’s important to acknowledge that while building a specific skill, certain aspects of your swing may not be perfect. For example, if a player is using the walk through drill to incorporate their legs they may have more balls go off the top of the cage than normally. This is okay! You are specifically working on leg turn and your focus is not on the baseball.

Another example of skill building is through target hitting. Target hitting can be as simple as taking a round of ten from front toss and intentionally trying to hit every ball right back at the pitcher. This includes taking a pitch on the inner half and staying tight and connected through your swing to drive it right back at the pitcher.

Be intentional and specific with your drill and practice time. Incorporate time to develop the skill needed to become a good hitter and embrace the process.