Staying Positive at the Plate: Tips from Former Major Leaguers

You may have heard this before, but baseball is a game of failure. Don’t look at that as being negative, but rather as realistic considering many Hall of Fame hitters failed 7 out of 10 times throughout their careers. So, how should young players and their parents stay positive when everyone wants to go 4-4 each game? Consider these points:

  • Think short-term, not long-term – When you have an unsuccessful at bat, don’t assume the world is ending and that you’ll never hit again in your life. Try to think about what went wrong in your at bat, and a way to fix it for next time. If you hit a ball hard and it got caught, good job! That’s all you can do.
  • Life goes on – Always remember that no matter what happens, baseball is a game. Your parents will still love you after an 0-4, and you won’t be cut because of one bad game.
  • Baseball is fun – Make sure you keep the game a game. Everyone always talks about the crazy travel baseball teams these days, make sure you see through it all and focus on the main goal of baseball – having fun!

It is a proven fact that being positive will create better outcomes, regardless of the sport or situation being discussed. Don’t be the “pouter” in the corner, be the great teammate who is cheering everyone on after striking out. Take it from us: Positivity goes a long way in baseball and will create good habits for your future – both in sports and the game of life.