Over the last few years the game of baseball has transformed into the launch angle revolution. Search launch angle on the Internet and you will find hundreds of videos explaining the theory behind launch angle and some coaching opinions on how to create the perfect swing.

Everyone knows the language we are referring too, rotational swing, linear swing, swing up, swing down, create backspin, hit the ball deep, hit it out front, and on and on and on. You can watch video or read books of Ted Williams telling you to swing up, or video of Chipper Jones telling you to swing down, but what theory is actually correct? This is where the incorporation of video and technology is changing the game of baseball.

Video and technology has proven that all the best hitters in baseball have an uphill swing and this is where as coaches and players we have to understand and learn the language or verbal cues that help each individual create their perfect swing. Watch Chipper swing, his swing was uphill, in the hitting zone a long time and took his swing down approach all the way to the Hall of Fame. Can anyone tell Chipper what he had to think is wrong? I can tell you it won’t be UP17!

At UP17 we believe in using video technology to illustrate to a player what is actually happening in their swing and to work individually with each player to help find their needed language to create their perfect swing. Williams and Jones are both Hall of Famers and used different language and thought processes to reach their goals, let UP17 help you define your language and become the best player you can be.

If you are interested in working on your game and improving your hitting or pitching mechanics with help from a former Major Leaguer, please contact us and ask about a free consultation.