Should My Son Play Other Sports in the Offseason?

The first issue we have seen in youth baseball is the adoption of a 12 month baseball season. Players are asked to play and train year round for their organizations, sometimes upwards of 100 game schedules. An important thing to ask yourself as a parent is: “Will my son get burned out?”

A great way to let your child be a kid, is to allow them to play as many sports as possible while they can. Keeping sports fresh and fun is essential to a lasting love for any game, and that tends to be lost if they are glued to a baseball field. This way, your son won’t think of baseball as a job or something he “has to do”. It should be a choice, not mandatory because, remember, baseball is a game.

From a pure baseball perspective, it is good for young players to rest their baseball specific muscles for periods of time throughout the year, especially pitching arms. Playing other sports keeps them athletic, agile, conditioned and active during the off season, and allows them to recover from a grueling in-season schedule.

So let them play everything… let them be kids.