Many of our teams have asked about some advice on situational base running, especially at 2nd base. Let’s dive into some different situations with various outs, and what to do. One thing to remember is the base lead should begin at 6-7 steps.

  • 0 out leads – In the base line, creating a direct line to 3rd base. With 0 outs, when a fly ball is hit to the outfield the base runner’s first read needs to be slightly back toward 2nd base with the intention to tag and get to 3rd base with 1 out. Getting to third base with 1 out puts the offense into the advantage. From this position the offense has many different ways to score a run.
  • 1 out lead – In the base line to work steal jumps and being aggressive on dirt ball reads with the intention of getting to 3rd base with 1 out. A fly ball to the outfield with 1 out the runner’s read should be to hang out half way with the intention of scoring a run if the ball falls in the outfield.
  • 2 out lead – The runner needs to be 2/3 steps behind the base line so they are creating their angle to 3rd base where they do not need to ‘banana’ out deeper to score a run. Use the depth of the lead to already create that angle.

We hope this helps your players and more runs are being scored due to good base running during your next game.

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