The sacrifice bunt is a play that wins and loses games and championships. Check out the list of tips below that will help you become a great sacrifice bunter (with a lot of practice):

  • Move up in the box – The first thing we want to do is move up in the box to give us more fair territory to work with.
  • Set your barrel – Technique philosophies very from team to team and organization to organization. We at UP17 believe in keeping your bottom hand close to the knob of the bat to help control the entire bat and the top hand up near the barrel. Next, we want to make sure to stay in our legs and start with the barrel at the top of the strike zone. When setting your barrel, try to keep the top hand slightly above your bottom hand to help get the ball into the ground.
  • Bunt strikes – The most important thing about sacrifice bunting is to bunt a strike!
  • See the ball down – Many young bunters want to get out of the box early. The most important thing to understand is a sacrifice bunt is exactly that, you are giving yourself up for the team. When a coach calls for a sacrifice bunt, he doesn’t expect you to get a hit. Stay in the box, get the ball on the ground, and then run.

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