Hitting a baseball can be frustrating, throwing strikes can be hard. The best hitters at the Major League level hit .300. This means they fail 7 out of 10 times. Baseball is a game of failure! One of the biggest challenges a young hitter can have is becoming frustrated with their batting average.

Here is where at UP17 we teach our players how to create positive self-talk. Our feelings are, if you don’t talk good about yourself, who will? The power of the mind is strong and creating verbal cues for your self-talk can help a player during at bats, on the mound, during games, and weeks of struggle. Each individual player will have a different cue, and they may be as simple as, keep your head still, see the ball up, turn fast, or simply have fun. Having the training and ability to re-engage positive thoughts into your mind after swinging and missing, popping a ball up, or striking out keeps a player on the right path during a game and is a vital training tool that UP17 implements with its players.

Focus on staying positive with these ideas during the game. There have been hundreds of MLB players who may not have the best swing or talent, but they stay positive. With that positivity comes success, and it is the same on your 14U travel team or 10U Little League team. Stay positive!

If you are interested in working on your game and improving your hitting or pitching mechanics with help from a former Major Leaguer, please contact us and ask about a free consultation.