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Evaluating Your Day at the Plate

Bad news: You just went 0-4 while hitting today. You immediately think, “Something must be wrong with my swing.” Here are a few tips on what you should ask yourself after a rough game to evaluate your day at the plate. Read more

Swinging vs. Hitting: What’s The Difference?

Many parents tell us their hitter is an all-star in the cage with a great ‘swing,' but ends up struggling at game time. This is the difference between hitting and swinging. It is valuable for swing mechanics to be clean but parents should understand that ‘hitting’ is a skill. Read more

On Deck Preparation: What Should You Do When You’re On Deck?

Next time you turn on a game, pay attention to what different players do to get ready for their at bats in the on-deck circles. You will be fascinated at the different preparation approaches, but you will notice a few commonalities among all players. Read more

Every Player Is Different: UP17’s Approach to Personalized Coaching

Players come in different shapes and sizes with different athletic abilities and different approaches to the game. One key to effective coaching is not trying to make players something they aren’t. Read more

What Can You Learn from Watching Baseball on TV?

If you’re anything like us, then the game is always on in your house.  While watching baseball earlier this year, we started thinking about what you can learn from watching the game on TV. Without a doubt there are valuable lessons to be learned while catching a game from your own living room. Read more

Should My Son Play Other Sports in the Offseason?

From a pure baseball perspective, it is good for young players to rest their baseball specific muscles for periods of time throughout the year, especially pitching arms. Playing other sports keeps them athletic, agile, conditioned and active during the off season, and allows them to recover from a grueling in-season schedule. Read more

Staying Positive at the Plate: Tips from Former Major Leaguers

It is a proven fact that being positive will create better outcomes, regardless of the sport or situation being discussed. Here are some tips for players and parents alike for staying positive when at bat. Read more

How Aggressive Should a Hitter Be?

Often, young hitters either swing at everything, or are too patient to the point where they are taking too many very hittable pitches. Before going up to the plate think about these situations to determine how aggressive you should be while hitting. Read more

Balance Point Checklist: Mastering the Fundamentals of Pitching

In today's game, velocity and strikeouts are discussed all the time. I believe, however, that the basic fundamentals of pitching mechanics, specifically the balance point, are much more important to a young pitcher’s development. Read more

Q&A with ProCoach Nick Green: Playoff Baseball from the Dugout

With playoff baseball upon us, UP17 decided to sit down with ProCoach Nick Green to discuss his playoff baseball experiences. Read more