Mobile App Can Help Young Players Learn the Game from Former MVPs – Gotham Baseball

Gotham Baseball UP17 Mark Healy

“Not everyone understood or agreed with Adam LaRoche’s decision [to retire from baseball] but his love for his son and his passion for the game is clear,” writes Mark Healey for Gotham Baseball.  “With the new UP17 mobile app, parents can give their kids the opportunity to train with former MLB players, all for the love of the game.”

In a new article, Healey, the founding editor of Gotham Baseball, explains how parents can provide their children with the rare opportunity to receive personal instruction and coaching directly from former Major Leaguers, all through the UP17 app. The piece points to how the new video analysis tool removes the barrier of location, making it possible for young baseball players anywhere to benefit from the wealth of knowledge acquired by seasoned professionals. While UP17 is headquartered in upstate New York, the UP17 ProCoaches are located all over the country and through the app they can connect with youth baseball players from anywhere.

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