Stay back, head still, swing down, swing up, use your back side, these are all terms or cues players hear when training. Many times, a player hears so many different cues, they get lost in their thoughts and become unable to train correctly. Coaches have great intentions when using these verbal cues to help players train, however, they also want the player to be focused on their cue word, and then see and hit the baseball correctly.

This can become an extreme challenge for young hitters who are not yet mature enough to separate what they are hearing. At UP17 we believe in our players working smart and intentional. For those of you that have read our “Train It vs Trust It” article, this builds on that model. If a player is working on incorporating their back leg into their swing, be intentional with that thought process. When we are doing intentional training, we are not concerned with the outcome of ball flight but focused only on the intentional training.

This can become challenging for players and coaches who want instant results, but understand that hitting a baseball is hard enough without thoughts in your mind. We have to train our players to separate intentional skill building and compete time. To learn more about intentional skill building click below for our free consultation.

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