At UP17, we are asked by many families when is the best time to start getting prepared for the upcoming baseball season. It is a very good question and one that can affect your son’s season immensely.

We suggest having at least 4 weeks of training before tryouts for the upcoming season. This allows the body to get back “in the swing of things” (pun intended) and allow for the initial annoying early season injuries to heal (blisters, sore feet from new shoes, midsection soreness from swinging, etc.).

The time frame gets pitchers’ arms conditioned correctly so they aren’t “thrown into the fire” (another pun intended) the first game with no arm strength built up. For hitters, it gives them ample time to get their timing down through a progression of front toss, batting practice, and live arm hitting. If there are any mechanical fixes that need to be made to a player’s swing or pitching delivery, this window allows for lasting changes to be made before games begin as well.

So, let’s make sure players are given time before tryouts start. It puts them in the best position to succeed and puts their best foot forward when the bright lights turn on.

If you are interested in working on your game and improving your hitting or pitching mechanics with help from a former Major Leaguer, please contact us and ask about a free consultation.