Evaluating Your Day at the Plate

Bad news: You just went 0-4 while hitting today. You immediately think, “Something must be wrong with my swing.” Here are a few tips on what you should ask yourself after a rough game to evaluate your day at the plate.

When it comes to the types of pitches thrown:

  • Did I swing at strikes? Did I hit the pitches I wanted to hit? Was I ready to hit?

Remember, baseball is a team game and coaches want to play hitters that help their team win:

  • Did I find a way to help my team win? Did I move the runner? Did I score the runner from 3rd base with fewer than two outs?

And finally, when you made contact:

  • Did I hit the baseball hard?

All hitters will have days where they hit three out of four balls really hard, but still have zero hits to show for it. As hitters, all we can control is hitting the ball hard. If you can hit two out of four balls hard every game, you are putting yourself into position to be a successful hitter.

If we as hitters can entrench ourselves in making consistent hard contact, and finding ways to help our team win games, we will become better overall players.

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