On Deck Preparation: What Should You Do When You’re On Deck?

Have you ever watched your favorite MLB player’s routine when he’s on deck? Next time you turn on a game, pay attention to what different players do to get ready for their at bats in the on deck circle. You will be fascinated at the different preparation approaches, but you will notice a few commonalities among all players:

  • They make sure they are loose: No one wants to get hurt, so all players make sure their bodies are ready to hit. Some guys use weighted bats, some stretch their lower or upper body and some just take regular swings with their bats to warm up their muscles.
  • They watch the pitcher warm up: There is much to learn when it comes to the opposing pitcher just by watching his warm up pitches. First, you can see which pitches he throws. You can also pick up the speed, movement and delivery of each different pitch he throws. Lastly, you can time your swing to the different pitches, starting with the fastball.
  • They relax themselves: Different players have different approaches to relaxing, whether it’s talking to fans or teammates, taking a deep breath or focusing on their approach for their at bat. But, the goal is to be as relaxed and calm as possible because it leads to better performance at the plate. Relaxed muscles are much quicker than tense muscles.

Next time you watch a game, check out your favorite player’s on deck routine … it can help you! Make sure that when you’re on deck you get loose, watch the pitcher and relax. Good luck!

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