What Can You Learn from Watching Baseball on TV?

If you’re anything like us, then the game is always on in your house.  While watching baseball earlier this year, we started thinking about what you can learn from watching the game on TV. Without a doubt there are valuable lessons to be learned while catching a game from your own living room. Here are a few of those lessons:

  • Game Situations – Is the runner tagging from 2nd base with one out on a flyball to the right fielder? Who is the cutoff to home when a ball is hit down the left field line? Who has priority when a fly ball is hit right over the pitcher’s mound? There are so many interesting opportunities to learn the game, especially when you have the volume on. Remember: Announcers can also act as teachers throughout the game, so be sure to listen to their assessment.
  • Pitch Sequences – Watching how pitchers throw to certain hitters is a great way to learn the game. Keep an eye on pitch sequences when you’re tuning into a game.
  • Rules of Baseball – An important part of being a good player or coach is knowing the rules of the game. Watching baseball and listening to the announcers will help you become a master of the rule book. Why? Usually the announcers will explain situations as they’re happening, such as why the manager came out onto the field or why someone was called out.
  • Hitting/Pitching Mechanics – One part of watching a game very near and dear to UP17’s heart is video playback. Watching a good hitter’s swing in slow motion shows you exactly what they are doing and why they are successful (similar to how we help players at UP17!)

Enjoy watching the game, whether it is on in the background or you are glued to the TV for every second. It isn’t a coincidence that any Major League player will tell you they grew up watching the game.